What Is It With Internet Bulletin Boards and Message Boards?

It is very easy to see why internet bulletin boards and message boards are so popular. The main reason is easy access for anyone with a computer. This is also the main reason why they should be taken with a grain of salt. The anonymity of this avenue of communication adds fuel to the fire. The fact that anyone in any part of the world can register under any alias they choose and be anyone they want is potentially dangerous. This is not to say that there are not “real” people posting and giving feedback that is well intended. What is important to recognize is that “not everything is always as it seems” and this is never more apparent than on these internet sites. There seems to be an acceptance of credibility of the written word over the spoken word. meridianshrooms

As a contractor who was performing estimates and proposals to clients I often felt that the potential customer thought of me as someone who was “trying to get them” in some way. There is a negative perception of contractors that is a given in today’s society. With this in mind I took many of the points I would try to make in my proposal and put them in writing and on company letterhead. What happened is that after I left, the customer would read all the documents and believe what I had written more than if I had simply stated the same information as part of my proposal. This same logic transcends to internet message boards as well. The readers of these boards often are taken in by the information and accept much of the postings and information as valid and true. This is where the danger lies. Many of these boards are public and once you have typed a post or response and hit “enter” on your keyboard it is live for everyone to see for eternity. elmbrookpsych

The first problem with this is the unsuspecting user who upon logging on to the internet performs a search on a particular field or profession. Very often because of the amount of information that is compiled on these sites they appear high on the list of searches. The user then logs on to the site to find out as much information as possible. For example, if they were to enter a trade or profession type site that has many forums of information immediately at their fingertips to research.

Once inside the site they can find enormous amounts of information that the rest of the general population can also access and contribute too. Very often, sport123s without knowing, the user takes in the information, studies it, digests it, and accepts the information as true without even knowing who or where the source for the information originated from. This is where many innocent people can get taken advantage of. Suppose you are a person who is considering starting your own business and enter one of these sites to get information and are considering using your savings to invest. Why would you take advice from people you can not identify with or even know their identity?

Going further, suppose you merely needed advice, adfox again why would you seek advice from anonymous sources? With all the outlets to get sound advice from why are people relying on information received through anonymous posts made by people who can pretend to be anybody they want? There once was a fellow who used an identity as a contractor who gave advice on how-to’s. The way he would get answers was to search the internet for answers by others and then post them as his own! It is sad to say that this person had nothing better to do but to him this was a hobby or source of entertainment. What is dangerous is that there were folks who bought into his responses and acted on his replies. Now imagine the impact that this person had on an unsuspecting user who was influenced by this “knucklehead.” Caution should be exercised before believing everything you read on the internet. While the internet can be such a valuable tool it can also be an extremely dangerous tool.

The next part that puzzles me is why people would seek advice and counsel from those they have never met or know really anything about. If this were a doctor you would want to have heard references, if it were a contractor you would request references, if it were a product you would want testimonials and reviews. So why do people continue to believe what they read on these sites at face value? From my experience, the most successful people rarely contribute to these sites because they are actually too busy with their businesses to spend hours replying to posts that rarely make them any money, if any at all. It seems to become a hobby to the folks who participate day after day. I am sure somewhere they are developing a 12-step program for internet pretenders and posters.

The reason most of these people have time is for many reasons that may include, no job or a part-time job, not happy with family situation, a want to belong to something, it is free, career101 and many more that basically fills a void for the individual. If I am the person considering entering a field to invest my monies I want to know who is giving the advice and are they successful. Why would you want advice from an anonymous source that isn’t successful? Why would you think of chasing a dream of owning your own business and then seeking the advice of a part-timer who can’t even make a go of it full time? You shouldn’t, yet everyday I see this happening all over the internet. We have given a power to these anonymous people that they should not have as they could destroy lives with their misinformation. While there is unbelievable amounts of beneficial information on the internet there is also much misinformation that can potentially be damaging.


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