The Most Dangerous Beaches Of The World

American magazine Forbes has made the list of world beaches where most often dwell sharks which are dangerous to human . Herewith the edition refers to the ISAF (International Shark Attack File). The International register of shark attacks fixes all similar cases known for the last 500 years.

Here is the list of beaches with the biggest amount of sharks:

*Australia (Brisbane)

Coastal waters of Australia are full of sharks of all kinds. The majority of attacks happen at the east coast, but in the south there are more death cases. None of beaches are absolutely safe.

*Florida (New Smyma Beach)

Wonderful climate and sandy beaches attract to the coast of Florida not only tourists. Sharks feel comfortable here too. To tell the truth, forbes sometimes they get swimmers and fish muddled up.

*California (Bolinas Beach)

The sea to the north from San Francisco is teeming with seals and hence with sharks. Bolinas Beach is in the centre of so-called “red triangle”, the place where is a great amount of white sharks.

*Hawaiian Islands (Oahu)

According to the ISAF, the island Oahu takes in Hawaii the second place on the number of shark attacks.

*Hawaiian Islands (Kahana, the western Maui)

According to the ISAF, 100 cases of sharks attacking people have happened here since 1882, 33 of them – at the Maui Island.

The Republic of South Africa (Cozy Bay)

Some lakes merge together and run into the sea in the Cozy Bay. Searching the food sea sharks swim into the fresh-water lakes and rivers rich of fish. κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων

The republic of South Africa (Gansbaai («the Shark Street»)

The so-called “shark street ” is a narrow passage between two islands in the sea at a small town Gansbaai, to the east from Cape Town. Here you can meet one of the worlds’ biggest kinds of white sharks.


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