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Your maid of honor is your best friend, and you appointed her as your matron of honor because she is special and she deserves it. You have given her a role, and she will play it but other than that, what makes your maid of honor different from other bridesmaids? Being a maid of honor requires great responsibilities, businesshonors so to help you show how special she is to you, here are some tips and ideas to set your maid of honor apart from other wedding attendants.

Maid of honor’s dress

there are so many choices when it comes to dresses for your female wedding attendants. There are brides who choose different colors of dresses for bridesmaids and maid of honor, while others choose different style of dresses. Although the dresses doesn’t need to be unified, but make sure that they all complement each other. Most importantly, you have to choose a dress for you maid of honor that makes her easy to distinguish. This way, you let her know that you want everyone to recognize her as different from the bridesmaids, hi5biz and that she is your best friend. Her dress may serve a dual purpose: to be her outfit in your wedding and to be serve as gift for her.

Maid of honor’s bouquet

in many formal wedding, bridesmaids and maid of honor carry flowers or small bouquets. A good idea to set your maid of honor apart form other girls, let her carry a small bouquet while the bridesmaids carry a single or a couple of flowers. This arrangement usually work out well on bridesmaids and maid of honor who wear dresses in different shades of colors.

Maid of honor’s brooch, pin or tiara. There is also a distinction between bridesmaids and maid of honor if you will let your maid of honor wear a brooch, classyweb a special pin or a tiara. This is will not only make a special gift to you best friend, but it will make her different from the other bridesmaids.

Maid of honor’s gift

If you choose to give everyone -including the maid of honor – the same set of jewelry, one way to acknowledge her is to add another special gift for her. You my consider adding a nice engraved compact mirror, key ring, an embroidered scarf, a personalized diary, or any special thing you can add to set her apart.

Another idea you may want to consider is adding a personalized touch on the gifts. There are now bridesmaids gifts that feature the word “bridesmaid” on them. So, you can personalized the maid of honor’s gift as well with the title “maid of honor.” For more info please visit here:-

There are so many wedding party gifts that can be personalized with names, initials, or even titles – from personalized shirts, personalized tote bags, jewelry boxes, bracelets, bath robes, compact mirrors, business card cases, cosmetic bags to many more. These personalized gifts are widely available online, and most of the time, at reasonable prices. So, if you want to show that your maid of honor is different from other girls in your wedding, do something to prove to her that she is special and she deserves to be treated with a bit more care. alternativehealthdirectory


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