Should Michael Vick Be Allowed to Play in the NFL Again?

We know that Michael Vick has been released from prison and has been placed under house arrest at his home in Virginia. The question now is what’s next for Michael Vick? buzznewzs

Before we look at his future lets step back and look at his past. Vick owned Bad Newz Kennels and was convicted of financing and running dog fighting rings. He finally admitted to violently torturing and sometimes killing these animals. cybeerian

If we analyze his character there are definitely some questions that need to be addressed. Why did he lie repeatedly to Goddell? Don’t we wish we could have been behind those closed doors when Michael Vick and Atlanta Falcon’s owner Arthur Blank had those discussions? shikiblog

Sad to say Michael Vick was not an honest or truthful individual and behaved like a thug on many occasions. Does anyone recall when after a poor performance at game at the Georgia Dome he poetically gave the crowd the bird?

The National Football League needs to understand keetohpia and address the public image they are displaying towards our children. Does the NFL stand for the National Football Losers or the Nutcases From Leavenworth? What’s next, the all star prison team starring Ray (I didn’t do it although I saw who did) Lewis, hydrotise Larry (I’ll kill you and get away with it) Little or Plexico (I really should be on David Letterman) Burress.

Some may suggest that torturing animals techyzons is a precursor to more serious criminal intentions such as serial killers. Is this how we judge the moral fabric that determines the character personified by Michael Vick?

On the other hand dog fighting swagglife has been part of a culture that has existed in the extreme rural and urban areas of our country as well as many others. Michael Vick was punished and he did his time. We all make mistakes because no one perfect and its all part of the frailty that makes us human.

Allow us to put this in perspective as this is America and we are not Religious Extremists, Nazis, or the Spanish Inquisition. I recommend that Michael Vick deserves a second chance and should be re-instated to the NFL … as long as it’s not with the Atlanta Falcons! bestzapps


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